Cairene Ramadan treat: medieval honeyed marzipan doughnuts (قاهرية, Qahiriyya)

As the holy month of Ramadan has just started, why not make this recipe for what tastes remarkably like zulābiyya doughnuts (which can also come in the form of fritters), a popular sweet in this season in many countries. The recipe is taken from The Sultan’s Feast. The marzipan filling for the qāhiriyyas is made with sugar, (pounded) almonds, flour, sesame oil, and water. After shaping this into rings, leave them to dry for a little under a day, or so. Then you make a zulābiyya-type batter with flour, yeast, egg whites, as well as rose water and — if you have any to hand — musk and camphor. After drenching the rings in the batter, they are deep-fried, and then dipped in boiled honey. Serve after sprinkling on musk, rose water, and pounded pistachios. Heaven on a plate.

صور ورسائل رمضان كريم.. باقات تهنئة للأحباب والأصحاب ...

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