Mamluk anti-nausea drink

This is a recipe for a medieval Egyptian medicinal drink which was prescribed against nausea (قرف, qaraf). It is packed with vitamins due to the large number of fruits (the juice thereof) required to make it: sour orange, pomegranate, unripe grapes, and tamarind (steeped in wine vinegar before being expressed).

The method is straightforward as it is mainly a question of boiling the various juices at different stages of the process. Naturally, it needs spicing, which comes courtesy of the amazing atraf al-tib spice blend, whereas bunches of mint are used to stir the mixture. And since one can never have enough fruits, some chopped-up quince and limes (scored and the slits stuffed with black pepper and more atraf al-tib) are thrown in for good measure at the end. The result should have a syrupy consistency, and should be diluted with water before drinking. But feel free to add some crushed ice to give it that festive mocktail touch!

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